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Here are a variety of forms you may need when planning your PTA event or program:

Event Planning Forms

  • Includes editable forms to assist in your planning efforts – Event Checklist, Timeline, Budget, Event Wrap-Up
  • These forms should be submitted to the Director who oversees your area.  This valuable information will be passed on to the volunteer planning the event the following year.

Facility Request Form

  • Complete this form at least 2 weeks prior to your event to request use of Northwood facilities.
  • When submitting this form the Northwood Main Office, please include a separate sheet indicating number of tables requested, number of chairs requested, a drawing of the room layout and any special requests.

Procurement Request Form

  • Provide this form to businesses when you are requesting donations for a PTA-sponsored event.
  • Before soliciting a business for a donation for a PTA event, please approve the request through the PTA Director who oversees your event or program. 

Expense Reimbursement Form

  • Complete this form and submit along with your receipts to be reimbursed for PTA-related expenses


Money Handling Forms

Use these forms if you are charging a fee at your event or if you are handling money for any goods such as concessions, etc.