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PTA Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Northwood PTA do?

  • PTA Education Enrichment Programs

Most of the school district’s money is spent on salaries.  The remainder is spent on operating costs and basic supplies.  Consequently, the district relies on the PTA and the Mercer Island Schools Foundation to provide funding and volunteers for programs that support an enriched learning environment.

The Northwood PTA supports and funds a variety of education enrichment programs including:  art enrichment, assemblies, Fine Arts Showcase, international night, learning support, marketplace, music enrichment, PE and playground equipment, school musical and talent show, Science Fun Night, Spelling Bee, Student Council, teacher classroom funds, teacher grants, and much more.


  • PTA Student, Staff, and Family Programs

The Northwood PTA builds a sense of community for the school by providing a bridge between students, families, and teachers.  It provides funds/volunteers for:

Student and staff programs:  classroom activity funds, Reflections Art program, volunteer coordinators (room parents, vision/hearing screening, library and music volunteers, copy corps), and a variety of 5th grade activities including safety patrol, 5th grade camp, yearbook, class sweatshirts, permanent art, and end-of year party.

Family involvement programs/social events: Welcome Coffee, Fall Family Social, Walk to School Day, Island Books Brunch and Browse, Bike to School Day, Spring Celebration, staff appreciation events, parent education, and community service projects.



How does the Northwood PTA provide the above programs and events?

  • Donation Request. The costs of the PTA programs for the school year are budgeted during the prior spring and fundraising goals are planned based on the budget.  Since the PTA must spend money raised for a specific purpose in the year in which the money is raised, it is necessary to raise the funds in the fall to pay for the programs that are planned for the entire school year.
  • Other Revenue. Other monies requested are not part of the PTA general fundraising, but are collected by the PTA and directed towards specific purposes – birthday books and PTA membership dues are paid to national, state, and council PTAs and cover the cost of the directory.
  • School Fees. School Supply Fees and Field Trips Fees are collected by PTA on behalf of the Mercer Island School District and are sent directly to the District for those specific needs.
  • Charitable Solicitations Act Disclosure. In compliance with the Washington State Charitable Solicitations Act, we offer the following information:
    • The Northwood PTA is properly registered as a charitable organization with the State of Washington. Information relating to the unit’s financial affairs is available through the Secretary of State’s office.
    • This year’s co-Treasurers, Shannon Fosseen and Carol Gregory, will receive the funds solicited within the Parent Packet for the 2017-2018 school year.
    • In the fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2017, all funds raised by the Northwood PTA were spent establishing Northwood PTA and fulfilling our stated purpose of promoting the health, welfare, safety, and education of our children at Northwood Elementary.


How do I contact the PTA?

If you have any questions, please contact any of the Northwood PTA Board of Directors.