Kindergarten Art Docent Lessons

October:  Andrew Goldsworthy Nature Sculptures


November:  Exploring Lines


January:  Warm and Cool Collages


February:  Tiffany Stained Glass Hearts


March:  Mondrian – Primary Colors


May:  Cezanne Still Life





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  1. justin

    This is a test… i would put my question or comment here.

    1. Justin Pae

      reply here.

    2. carol

      will someone be notified that a question has been submitted…additionally if someone has replied to a question will that person be notified that their question has been replied to?

  2. Justin Pae

    commenting while logged in as webmaster…

  3. justin

    how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    1. carol

      that is a great question

  4. Communications Chair

    2nd Grade – October

    use thicker paper
    use acrylic paint instead of watercolors

  5. carol


  6. Marni

    Do you get notified if there is specific question that needs to be answered right away?

    Hi Justin!
    Hope your summer has been great. Thanks for helping with this. I like it.


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