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Education Enrichment

The Northwood PTA provides many activities and events to enrich the educational experience — continuing the learning experience beyond the classroom walls.


Come spend an evening shopping with your kids.  Students develop a business plan, design and create a product, and market and sell the product to the whole school community.  Marketplace gives students an opportunity to learn about economics and commerce while putting their communication and math skills into action, all while having so much fun!

International Night

Celebrate the  diversity of our community by attending International Night.  There will be booths representing various countries around the world, entertainment, festive food samples, and passports for the kids to fill out.  A high-energy, fun-filled evening!

Spelling Bee (Non-Competitive)

Students have the opportunity to participate in a non-competitive and competitive spelling bee.

Science Fun Night

Students and parent volunteers are invited to join us for a night of science fun!  Science Fun Night is different than a typical science fair.  For Science Fun Night, there is no preparation required by the students and science experience is not required of the parent volunteers.  Rather than creating individual science experiments, all of the students have a chance to experience science first-hand through some great activities.  This is just a night to enjoy learning about science with your kids!  The event is typically held in the Spring.