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Nature Sculptures -Northwood PTA Art Docent Lesson

In October, the Northwood PTA Art Docent program presented a lesson to all of the classes on the art of Andrew Goldsworthy.  The students then had the opportunity to create their own nature sculpture in the woods on the campus of Northwood.  The students used their imagination and created some really amazing natural sculptures!  Enjoy…

To get a glimpse of the nature sculptures, view the thumbnails directly below.  To view each piece of art by grade, teacher and student name, view the slideshow format found in the middle of the page.


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1 - Donovan - Abhi

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Northwood Directory Art Contest

Enjoy the Northwood-themed art submitted by various students for the Northwood Directory Art Contest. Congratulations to 4th Grader Emilie Bong for the winning submission, which is featured on the front cover of the Northwood Directory!

Grade K - Ragen Whelan

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Grade K - Ragen Whelan