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PTA Contacts

If you have any questions about Northwood, the PTA, activities, events or programs, please do not hesitate to contact one of the PTA volunteers below.  If an email is not listed for the person you are trying to contact, the Director for the PTA operational area will be able to assist you.

We are always seeking more volunteers and would love for you to get involved!  Send us an email or sign-up online!

A big THANK YOU to all of these volunteers who donate their time and talents to making Northwood a wonderful place for our students, families, teachers and staff!





PRESIDENT Danielle Orr-Bement president@northwoodowlspta.org
VICE PRESIDENT Jenna Sytman vicepresident@northwoodowlspta.org
SECRETARY Elizabeth Brown secretary@northwoodowlspta.org
CO-TREASURERS Shannon Fosseen treasurer@northwoodowlspta.org
  Carol Gregory  
ADVOCACY DIRECTOR Tim McGuire advocacy@northwoodowlspta.org
Director Amanda Stoffer communications@northwoodowlspta.org
Bulletin/Reader Boards Chair OPEN  
Directory Editor OPEN  
Facebook Editor OPEN  
Marketing Team Chair OPEN  
Parliament Press Editor Beth Goodman editor@northwoodowlspta.org
Principal’s Coffee Co-Chairs OPEN  
PTA Awards Committee Chair Jenna Sytman jsytman@mac.com 
Room Parent Coordinator Amy Mears roomparent@northwoodowlspta.org
Webmaster Justin Pae webmaster@northwoodowlspta.org
Co-Directors Linda Chen  enrichment@northwoodowlspta.org
  Baa-Tran Nguyen enrichment@northwoodowlspta.org
Art Enrichment Program Chair Marni Sheppard artenrichment@northwoodowlspta.org
Art Docent Program Co-Chairs Patricia Pelter patriciaclementepelter@gmail.com
  Marni Sheppard artenrichment@northwoodowlspta.org
Art Supply & Budget Manager Karrie Sutkus ksutkus@comcast.net
Clay & Kiln Manager OPEN  
Grade Level Art Coordinators (GLACs):    
Kindergarten OPEN  
First Grade OPEN  
Second Grade OPEN  
Third Grade OPEN  
Fourth Grade OPEN  
Fifth Grade OPEN  
Fine Arts Showcase Chair Patricia Pelter  
Reflections Co-Chairs Erin Vivion  reflections@northwoodowlspta.org
  Lorie Hamiwka  reflections@northwoodowlspta.org
Assemblies Chair OPEN enrichment@northwoodowlspta.org
Birthday Books Chair OPEN  
International Night Co-Chairs Bao-Tran Nguyen btnguyen@u.washington.edu
  Jackie Tan daveandjacklyn@gmail.com
Grants Committee Chair OPEN  
Marketplace Co-Chairs Cindy Goetzmann cindyandgordon@msn.com
Science Fun Night Co-Chairs Michelle Ritter mcodyritter@yahoo.com
Spelling Bee Chair Melissa Benaroya melissa@benaroya.net
Co-Directors Jamie Nicely familyinvolvement@northwoodowlspta.org
  Erin Vivion familyinvolvement@northwoodowlspta.org
Early Childhood Program Liaison OPEN  
ELL Outreach Representatives:    
Chinese OPEN  
Korean OPEN  
Spanish OPEN  
Vietnamese OPEN  
Fall Family Social Co-Chairs OPEN  
Kindergarten Programs OPEN  
Kindergarten Mentor OPEN  
Kindergarten Events Chair OPEN  
New Families Liaison OPEN  
Owl Ambassadors:    
First Grade OPEN  
Second Grade OPEN  
Third Grade OPEN  
Fourth Grade OPEN  
Fifth Grade OPEN  
New Family Events Chair OPEN  
Parent Edge Representative OPEN  
School Tours Chair OPEN  
Spring Hootenanny Co-Chairs OPEN  
Walk/Bike to School Co-Chairs OPEN  
Welcome Coffee Chair OPEN  
Director MaryLou Pasion fundraising@northwoodowlspta.org
Island Books “Books and Bites” OPEN  
Ask Campaign OPEN  
Owl Wear Chair OPEN  
Director Kale Kim staffservices@northwoodowlspta.org
Copy Corps Chair OPEN  
Library Volunteer Coordinator OPEN  
Music Volunteer Coordinator OPEN  
Picture Day Coordinator OPEN  
School Supplies Chair OPEN  
Staff Appreciation Luncheons OPEN  
Staff Appreciation Week/Month OPEN  
Vision/Hearing Testing Chair OPEN  
Director Erin McGuire studentprograms@northwoodowlspta.org 
Community Service Projects Chair OPEN  
Fifth Grade Programs Chair OPEN  
Camp Coordinator OPEN  
Celebration Co-Chairs OPEN  
Permanent Giving Chair OPEN  
Safety Patrol Lindsay Oliveira lindsay.oliveira@mercerislandschools.org
Slideshow/Assembly Chair OPEN  
Sweatshirts Co-Chairs OPEN  
Green Team Chair OPEN  
School Musical Coordinator OPEN  
Student Council PTA Representative OPEN  
Talent Show Chair OPEN  
Yearbook Editor OPEN  

PTA Board of Directors

  President Danielle Orr-Bement president@northwoodowlspta.org Vice President Jenna Sytman vicepresident@northwoodowlspta.org Secretary Elizabeth Brown secretary@northwoodowlspta.org Co-Treasurers Shannon Fosseen & Carol Gregory treasurer@northwoodowlspta.org Advocacy Director Tim McGuire advocacy@northwoodowlspta.org Communications Director Amanda Stoffer communications@northwoodowlspta.org Education Enrichment Co-Directors Linda Chen Bao-Tran Nguyen enrichment@northwoodowlspta.org Family Involvement Co-Directors Jamie Nicely Erin Vivion familyinvolvement@northwoodowlspta.org Fundraising Director MaryLou Pasion fundraising@northwoodowlspta.org Staff Services Director …

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