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2017 PTA Awards

2017 Northwood PTA Awards Nomination Form

  • The Northwood PTA values all of the volunteers and members that make Northwood a great school! As the year comes to a close, we would like to reward outstanding volunteer and educators for their creativity, innovation, dedication and amazing work for our school community.

    PTA Awards include the Golden Acorn Award, Outstanding Advocate Award and Outstanding Educator Award. Please review the award descriptions below and nominate individuals that you feel should be recognized for their service and dedication to Northwood and the Mercer Island community.

    Nominations are Due Monday, May 15, 2017.


  • Please provide an email address in case we need clarification or additional information.


  • The Golden Acorn Award is presented to a volunteer in recognition of their outstanding service to all children in a school community; for volunteer service that goes “above and beyond” a particular job description; and for continued service to PTA, local church, school, sport organizations, and/or youth organizations.


  • The Outstanding Advocate Award is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of ALL children and youth through PTA legislation, private organizations, education and/or community outreach programs. As an example, recipients may have sponsored food drives, lead children's programs or been involved in important PTA issues.


  • The Outstanding Educator Award is offered by Washington State PTA and presented by a local PTA unit to an individual who has not only provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth, but goes beyond the normal scope of their job and makes the learning environment fun, beneficial, and challenging.

  • Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form and provide your nominations. If you have any questions on these awards, please contact Northwood PTA Vice-President, Danielle Orr-Bement at vice-president@northwoodowlspta.org.