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The Parliament Press e-newsletter is published every 2 weeks on Sunday when school is in session.

2016-17 Parliament Press publication schedule and submission deadlines:

Sunday Wednesday Noon
Nov. 6 Nov. 2
Nov. 27 Nov. 23
Dec. 11 Dec. 7
Jan.  1 Dec. 28
Jan. 15 Jan. 11
Jan. 29 Jan. 25
Feb. 12 Feb. 8
Feb. 26 Feb. 22
Mar. 12 Mar. 8
Mar. 26 Mar. 22
April 16 April 12
April 30 April 26
May 14 May 10
May 28 May 24
June 11 June 7


Before completing the form below, please review the the Guidelines for Article Submission for the Parliament Press.


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  • Please provide the information you would like to include in the Parliament Press e-newsletter. If you have a pdf, electronic file or photos to include, please email them to *NOTE: If you are an outside organization or agency (i.e. not Northwood PTA, school, or district specific) we will include your information through a listing of links. Please provide a title and hyperlink to your information or a PDF flyer below.