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Parent Pack Information

Welcome to Northwood Elementary for the 2017-18 school year!

The Northwood PTA Parent Pack will allow you to:

  • Pay your School Supplies Fee ($40 per child)
    The district uses the funds to purchase school supplies in bulk which allows our school to be more eco-friendly, economical, and efficient.  It enables your teacher to buy items for the students and classroom on an as needed basis throughout the year to eliminate waste and reduce storage requirements. So, there is no need to stress about shopping for anything other than back to school clothes, backpack, and lunchbox.
  • Pay your Field Trip Fee ($50 per child)
    This fee covers all your child’s school field trips for the year.  Examples of elementary school field trips in the past include trips to pumpkin patches, bowling alleys, Mercer Slough, Seattle Aquarium, Washington State History Museum, and Museum of Flight.
  • Purchase a “Little Hoot” Birthday Book for your child ($20 per student)
    (tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching)
    Participation in this program is optional. If you choose to participate, the librarian will select and purchase a book from the library’s wish list on your child’s behalf. A decorative bookplate will be placed inside the book stating that it was donated in your child’s honor and the book will be presented to your child during class library time during the month of her/his birthday. Your child can then check out the book and be the first to enjoy it before it is returned to the library shelf for others to enjoy for years to come.
  • Join the Northwood PTA
    ($35 per family, tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching).
    The Northwood PTA is made up of Northwood parents and staff.  We are part of the greater council, state, and national PTA.  The purpose of the PTA is to promote the health, welfare, safety, and education of our children.  These goals are accomplished entirely by volunteer efforts.  Join today and receive your copy of the first Northwood Elementary Directory.  The Directory is ONLY available to PTA members. Let’s start the tradition of 100% membership participation in the Northwood PTA!  If you would like more information about the Northwood PTA, view answers to Frequently Asked Questions .
  • Contribute to the Northwood PTA “Give a Hoot” Fundraising Campaign Mercer Island Schools are known as some of the best in the state.  Northwood Elementary, with its beautiful new, state-of-the art campus, enthusiastic teachers and incredible community will be no different.  Why?  Because of you! Parents of Mercer Island students offer the most involvement, student encouragement and financial support.

Northwood Elementary PTA exists to support and facilitate this parental support.  We provide hundreds

of volunteer activities,student enrichment programs and classroom grants to supplement the paltry
financial resource provided by the state.  Without your partnership, your students would suffer the same
fate of other students around the state – schools with too little money and not enough support.  Only you
can prevent that from happening!

Your financial gift supports the following at Northwood Elementary:


This is the ONLY time you will be asked to give money to support the PTA,
so everyone’s participation is critical.


Ready to begin the Parent Pack?

As you complete this online form, have your child’s teacher information ready. (To find out your teacher assignment, you must login in to Skyward).   After completing the form you will be able to pay by PayPal or check. An order summary will be emailed to you detailing your contribution. If paying by check, instructions appear at the end of this form. Thank you in advance for your contribution to the Northwood PTA — ALL of the Northwood students thank you!


Click HERE to begin the Northwood PTA Parent Pack